Brooks Brokerage – Not Your Typical Massachusetts Real Estate Brokerage

Brooks Brokerage was built on years of being the lead developer for major commercial real estate projects within the Boston area and across Massachusetts. Due to our extensive experience, we also currently train other real estate firms on how to sell larger scale commercial real estate projects (i.e. 100+ condo projects).

Now you can take advantage of our institutional experience by letting us help you buy or sell you home. Why are we offering our expertise to residential buyers and sellers?

Buying and selling residential real estate within Massachusetts is a cake-walk for us – we know the people, the towns, the regulations. We can advise you on whether you’re making a good investment choice – not whether you’re getting simply a good price. This mindset puts us light years ahead in terms of negotiating the best deal for you . . . based on your needs, your budget, and your dreams.

In short, we approach every deal as if we’re working with an institutional firm who needs to save millions . . . and you, the residential real estate buyer or seller benefits.

The Brooks Brokerage Advantage

We’re committed to superior service – We personally oversee 95% of the work for each real estate transaction.

We’re accessible – Your phone call or email won’t languish in our system; in fact, we often call you with answers before you think to ask them.

We’re pitbull negotiators – We honed our negotiation skills in the cut-throat commercial environment, which means we’re able to save you thousands on your real estate transaction.

If you’re ready to have a real estate brokerage represent you – and only you – it’s time to pick up the phone and call Brooks Brokerage at 617-380-4520 or send email to: