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Five Great Reasons to Choose Brooks Brokerage as your Buyer’s Broker

What is a "buyer’s broker"? Also known as a "buyer's agent," a buyer's broker represents you, the real estate buyer – not the seller – through the residential real estate transaction.

Why should you choose Brooks Brokerage as your Buyer's Broker? The main reason is that this is a FREE service. That's right, you pay nothing. You also get the following five benefits:

1. We protect your best interests

Unfortunately, many buyers today do NOT know what a Buyer’s Representative is, and more importantly how one adds value by saving you money.

Many home buyers believe that they’ll get a better price if they go directly to the seller’s agent, or that the seller’s agent will not negotiate the best deal since they have to pay a buyer’s agent. 

Buying a home without a Buyer’s Agent is like going into a courtroom without a lawyer. The truth is this:

You save big money -- A home buyer, using a Buyers Agent, saves on average 3% more on the purchase price of a home than if they didn’t use a Buyers Agent. Brooks Brokerage outperforms this average by saving their clients an average of 6% or more.

Commissions are not affected – The Seller pays the same commission to the Seller’s agent whether or not a Buyers Agent is involved. In addition, the Seller’s agent is required by law to submit ALL offers to the Seller, regardless of whether they think the seller will or will not accept them.

Transactions happen faster – Reputable Seller Agents welcome Buyer Agents since they rely on them to get the house sold. In fact, 80 – 85% of all sales are sold between a Seller’s Agent and a Buyer’s Agent.

2. We know the Massachusetts real estate market

The agents at Brooks Brokerage know the local market inside and out, including the lenders, developers, and other real estate professionals. These partnerships ensure your transaction proceeds smoothly.

3. We're experienced negotiators

Choosing the right representation can save you literally thousands of dollars – just ask our clients. Brooks Brokerage agents are experienced brokers who know how to negotiate.

4. We handle the details

Because countless details go into buying a home, you can quickly become overwhelmed due to the sheer amount of paperwork. We help oversee all details for you, from financing and bank paperwork to home inspection, appraisal and the myriad other details.

5. We're available full time

When you have a question or concern, our agents are here to help address any concerns about the real estate transaction process.

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